Altered At The Altar

Image courtesy of Pinterest

An illusion of a kaleidoscope reflected from the high roof, pendants of massive chandeliers hung. The aisle was strewn with colorful hibiscus petals as she walked through. The floor obliged to the shindig – it rose to meet her heels, allowing her glide through. Her father’s arm locked in her’s. The veil graced over her face, she took a deviation from norm and opted for a pink gown. Smiles and applauds patronised the pews. The groom stood at the alter, trepid yet gleeful. He was marrying the most alluring girl in the world, or rather, at least who he thought was the most alluring girl ever. In her mind, thoughts wandered; she felt like the marriage was expedited by the committee. She thought of Gani – the groom, who has always been so good to her ever since they locked eyes. She thought of Sonny – her ex who incessantly lingered in her mind. He still had her heart hostage. It’s too late now to think of him, she thinks. Her bed was made, she had to lie on it. Her father steps away from the alter. The nuptials begin soon after. She embarks on hers, treading over the words so gingerly.

“Do you Lina agree to take Gani as your husband, in happiness and in sadness,” the priest quizzes.

“I, Lina agree to take you – Sonny as my…”

The ball drops. He who lingered in her thoughts finally found a way out. It went eerily quiet. The congregation was appalled. A lump formed in the grooms throat. For better or for worse.

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