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    For circa a year now, I have been ruminating about the aspect of spirituality. Spirituality not in the form of structured religion, but in the shape of the psyches. See, not the slightest did I ever think I’d say this, but I need to find a way to center myself. Which now sounds a tad […]


  • THIS IS 23

    THIS IS 23

    THIS IS 23? On August 23rd, 1998 while Kenya was still reeling from the wake of the nefarious, August 7th terrorist attacks on The United States Embassy. I was born somewhere in Nairobi’s Eastlands, just a couple of kilometers from the Central Business District, where just a little over two weeks prior was a medley […]

  • HEY YA!

    Recently, I stumbled upon a mind-boggling thread on Twitter; it entailed of opinions on what folk thought were misunderstood songs. The suggestions were utterly confounding. Some suggested; not to burst your bubble but the modern gospel hymn ‘Hallelujah’ was a muted down version of the original song – Leonard Cohen’s 1984 song Hallelujah – a […]



    Outside the fortified gate and police cordon, troops convened in hurdles, burgeoning by the minute; ordinary folk who wanted to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. Politicians. Animated activists and a horde of journalists; all of them white: jostling to glean word from the slightest of credible sources. It was a stirring cacophony of vocal […]



    I got my eyes from my old lady, my mom has these enchanting light brown eyes that beam under daylight. They are her salient feature, perchance, her most alluring. When you see my mom the first thing you spot are her eyes, then – maybe – her residual austerity somewhere underneath. Mine (my eyes) are […]


    I have always fancied the dream of bringing forth a daughter into the world; pepper her with fondness, nurture and affirm her, watch her bud through the vagaries of adolescence; where – poignantly – she might get rebellious and think I’m lame; not so cool anymore (mostly true). Then as I turn grey, I’d relish […]


    It’s 7.39 AM as I begin to write this on my phone. I’m seated outside; on the balcony, atop a disused hamper – therein, it chokes with a pile of sullied apparel. I’m an early-ish cat, I innately can’t sleep past 6.30 AM. Sleep is obliterated from under my eyes by the youthful morning, that’s […]

  • Pier and the lake

    It is circa 5.30 PM, the coveted golden hour unfurls, crunch by crunch like a ball of lustrous foil. The enchanting aged sun cedes it’s throne by the minute, its warmth petering out. You are perched on the nether end of a disused wooden pier overlooking the now orange choppy waters, the air peppered by […]


    It is in these shoes that I nipped into Nairobi Hospital’s main entrance block at about 5 pm on a rather serene Tuesday. It seems inconsequential, but it sits entrenched in the hollows of my mind. This was the third time I was visiting a hospital to see a loved one; the first, circa 2007 […]

  • Just Read It, Won’t Ya?

    …she drives along the convoluted winding road, her ashen right elbow poking out of the driver’s window, nippy breeze ruffling the skin underneath her undone shirt. A cap sits over her head, dark furtive spectacles before her eyes. A black knapsack is plonked shotgun, stuffed with crunchs of apparel she could briskly gather. Intermittently, she […]