I am churning this a few minutes to 12 noon on Thursday. The sun is searing outside, obliterating the fondness still lingering in the ether from Valetines Day. Lovers have reverted back to default anew at this point and the countdown to another blood soaked day begins, the hoopla has ebbed away. 2022 sure will be our year. It’s a rather frenetic day for a Thursday here. A serene wispy wind imbues new life into this room. Outside, rumbling motorcycles intersperse the air, curtly fleeting past in an agitating sound. Cars and behemoth trucks rev past in intermittent spurts. There’s a construction going on nearby, the reverberations of the trucks are hellish, they ring in my ears.

I have just finished my work quota for the day. Interning is choppy man, I have been at it for almost a month now and I haven’t quite utterly learnt the ropes. It is fickle, things change. One time I’m riding at the helm of my dexterity churning articles promptly like a programmed bot. Then the next time I’m in a palpable funk and just can’t find something to write on, resigning me to the feet of my supervisor hat in hand for an assignment.

Let me break it down for you a tad, the rut is; I have to write at least five 250 word entertainment articles a day. I haven’t gone past the allotted threshold, I haven’t had that stroke of perkiness. Two of the pieces have to be my own brainchild, but really oft-times I fend for myself. I prowl the socials for fodder. I sniff around for grapevine and any related topic like a hound. That’s the hardest part, scouring for information.

Occasionally, on the blue days, there just isn’t anything significant to write and its excruciating, compounded by the fact that I have to beat an 8 AM deadline to send in my docket for the greenlight. At times, there is something to write but it infringes on my ideals. You know, cognitive dissonance and all. There are just somethings that quite don’t align with personal convictions. When days like those come around, I meekly turn to my supervisor, like a subservient slave and tell her to give me something to write. She’s wontedly kind enough to help an intern out.

Writing is the easy part, it comes more innately to me. Hell, I’ve been doing this for circa a year now. Articulation is easy flowing, like a waterfall in the wild. Only there’s a categorical way entertainment articles are written. They aren’t in depth or reflective. I have a 250 word limit, I have to be discerning enough to go for the crux. Sentences need to be curt and pithy and punchy. It’s like a boxing bout doesn’t matter how many times you deck; you hit the right places you get more points. It’s akin to hunting too, you have to aim for the head or the heart – if you can, anything to absolutely maim the target. Nobody wants a superfluous piece on why a celebrity did something, they want the main point imparted in succinct spurts.

Ever so slowly, I’m mastering the terrain. I am wrapping my head around where to source from. I’m learning of the rocks to turn. The sites to look. The people to stalk. It’s a messy gig he-he. But now I’m a warranted stalker, verified even.

Anyhow. We are heralding the weekend tomorrow, the heavens know how bad I need a break. The weekend couldn’t come sooner. For now, since I have the afternoon to myself, I’ll delve into this movie; ‘Judas and The Black Messiah’.

But surely 2022, Feb 14th is our year.

Image Source; Pinterest

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