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I have just finished watching Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, rad movie, albeit just a season, it’s succinctness embodies its easthetic. The movie makes you want to pull out your chess board from underneath your bed, blow dust off its surface, sit and play. Sinking into a realm of thoughtfulness and chequered moves. Only, I’m dubious about you having a chess board under your bed.

That nudged my memory to recall this time I was seated in a matatu along Langata Road, early evening. Traffic snarl as viscous as engine oil, a relentless gridlock sneering at us. Cars moving in miniscule spurts. Engines revving and stopping abruptly, their systems humming inside like Kid Cudi in his songs. Rogue drivers taking over the non-existent sidewalks.

On the seat before me, was a man; probably from work. Bespectacled. Lithe. Reading a chess playbook. Do you know how gangsta it already is to read in a car. This guy was earnestly engrossed in a chess book. Taking the moves in. The literary tutorials cooing to him. Absorbing the bishops, kings, queens et al. ,the tangents they can take and the potency they bear.

He sat there, like his Ilk; chess players. Immersed into a realm of pensiveness and chequered moves. The cerebral game conspiring to help cut off his environment and the distractions therein. It’s the same way smokers (cigarette smokers) seem thoughtful when smoking. Amassing mystery around them as they take lungfuls of drags, smoke peameating the depths of their kissers. You look at a smoker, their solitude beside them, and think, now that’s someone who can change the world. You look at a chess player; their archetypal tranquil disposition and their ability to sit quietly in a room and wonder why we haven’t been able to achieve world peace.

First, I’ll need someone to tutor me on how to play cards. It seems cerebral enough too. I can’t play it for for shit. I know squat about it. I have as much knowledge on it as I have on bird breeds. When I was younger, It was a preserve of boys perceived as rogue. Precocious chaps that prodded the system. Maybe then I’ll learn to play chess.

The crux I gleaned from the movie is that we should stick to our dreams and ambitions. Weather through the deplorable conditions that may come forth on our pursuit.; folk that pay using exposure for currency. Managers that seek sexual favours in exchange for deserved promotions. HR officers on your ass. Petulant co-workers. Because in consistency and relentlessness triumph lies (I feel so fulfilled after this sentence hehe).

Okay, I’m beginning to sound like those cheesy motivational speakers who sell miniscule guide books with catchy yet click baity titles. Who probably started their shoe company from a single lace. Oh, and about that, please tell them to wear fitted clothes, their proclivity towards abundance of fabric hogs our attention. You can’t be a lousy liar and a bad dresser, no?

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