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Jay Z and Beyonce. Courtesy of Pinterest

Your head is cast down when you bump into her sending her books to the concrete, the Caffe Latte on her left hand spills on your white mandarin shirt. You go off on a litany of apologetic recitals; my bad. I’m really sorry. I should’ve looked forward. Sorry I didn’t see you and whatnot. All this said while hunkered down. And then just as you pick the last book off the floor your eyes lock. Hers glistening under her glasses (they always wear glasses for some reason), a smile casting on her face. The corner of her eyes wrinkling a little. Nothing accentuates sincerity than someone who smiles with their eyes, you can’t top that, if the eyes don’t wrinkle the smile is just sheer politeness or they’re about to betray you, watch out for a peck maybe. You smile too because smiles are contagious– ripple effect. At this point words will vanish, brains will go blank but don’t fight it – let spontaneity take its course. The eye contact will summon chi’s and they will blend creating a neverland envision. Her demeanor tugs to the strings of your heart and you’re about to risk it all… Wake up! It’s a fantasy. It won’t happen or maybe that hasn’t happened yet, not quite – just to give ya’ll hopeless romantics a flicker of hope. It will be more like you will bump into her, on a Monday – nobody is gleeful, and she will go on a diatribe berating on how your eyes are defunct. How your forehead is too big you have to look down. You will take it all in pitifully in full glare of prying eyes then you’ll conclude visiting the library isn’t worth the hassle. And just when you’re apologising you will shrub or something worse.

I’m an innate curious person, and one of my favorite questions is ‘How did you guys meet’. I’d love to know the backstory of friendships or romantic relationships – which is what I’m going to broach on. Whether it works out or not people meet for a reason, right? The bottleneck is the question might evoke lies; it’s rare anybody will tell you they met in a dating app or other ‘unconventional’ avenues. The stuffiness of our culture shies upon that. Which brings me to another question ‘Is there the right way or place to meet someone?’ People are miscellaneous; people meet in debauchery dens like Rugby competitions (the notorious Masaku series heh). You might meet your soulmate in the street – Koinange or River road. Maybe a stranger will take a hit for you when your unhinged ex storms the office baying for your blood and you decide she’s the one. Maybe heaven forfend an arranged marriage. Maybe the svelte lady you’re sharing a ride with will make the first move. There are infinite avenues. Every now and then a research is done but nothing caught my nerve like ‘studies show that you meet your soulmate before the age of 21’. Of course it has its weaknesses but WTH! That creepy girl/boy that used to look at people through the clear of her ruler might just be it. The shy boy from three years ago might be who you finally end up with. The out-of-your-league girl from freshman year might as well be the face you’ll see for years.

I’m all for the idea of soulmates and all. I hope one day when it’s right you’ll bump into that someone, they may not spill coffee or lock eyes with you per se, they might slap you depending on what day it is or how bad their mood is then but I wish that somehow in the chaos therein, they play the strings of your hearts. But until then just wing it, it’s not so bleak.


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