Isn’t She Lovely

Image courtesy of Twitter account InsecureHBO

He looks at you hazily, his glistening eyes and forming smile evoke your tear glands then he goes, “Good heavens! Aren’t you beautiful.”
It’s Saturday evening, PJ’s brain surgery is scheduled for Monday so he took you out to lift your spirits and give you some assurity. You’ve had the hardest of time wrapping your head around the slim prospects of him coming out fine. The surgeon said the operation might imperil him to retrograde amnesia – his memory will go blank.

Two bowls of Sheet pan sausage and veggies arrive and you guys dig in as a candid conversation about Monday ensues. He looks pretty nonchalant towards the breadth of this situation, you think, unbeknownst to you, in there lies a terrified man, absolutely horrified of the direction this might take but instead puts up a strong facade. Your favourite song ‘Nenda lote’ by Sauti Sol plays, you smug a little. Heaven knows how bad you needed a smile.
This might be the last time I know your name,” he says.

But you scour through his eyes because this isn’t the apt space for his untimely jokes, only that he isn’t joking.
You guys hug it out at the vestibule and for the first time he looks petrified, not the faintest whiff of courage. He has been holding it down for so long he breaks down against your shoulder.

The nurses have to hold you back as he is wheeled the other way for sedation. Cold hospital atmosphere noticeably fills the air, you head to the waiting lounge, patronised by worried faces.
Doctor! Doctor!” His mom jerks from the seat calling as the doctor approaches, “How is my son?”

It has been three days now since you were told that the surgery was successful albeit he suffered amnesia as a side effect, he hadn’t woken up from his medically induced coma yet.

You can see him now he is up,” the doctor adds.

Everybody has been waiting for this moment and now that it has come you seem a little apprehensive to go to his room, your toes curling in anxiety as a result and subconsciously you begin to bite your nails. Your other hand drapes over your King James Bible in hope for some optimism.
The parents go in first and about five minutes later you follow. His palms are in his mom’s hand and his dad is standing before him, he can’t recognise any of them. As you watch his chest fill and gently deflate the ‘Get well’ baloon hanging over your hand clueless of what to do or say his dad pivots to the right for him to take a look at you. Which he does, for a good two minutes or so.

He hazily gazes at you, his now glistening eyes and forming smile evoking your tear glands, he goes, “Good heavens! Aren’t you beautiful.”

5 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely

  1. I love the way in which you ended the story in the same way you started it! It does have the feel of a tv show or movie – such is the quality of your writing. Subtle descriptions but enough to create an image in your head of the scenes taking place! Another great and highly reflective piece! I’m really proud of you Mwema! Blessings to you my bro! 😀🙏💛👊🎉💟💯

    Liked by 1 person

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