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So Done-ish

You go up the stairs taking two at a time, your ponytail rocking on your neck only to find your door partially open. No, it can’t be.
Okello, still there, slumped on the couch, bags on the side, noticeably different, he seems happy, disparate from his usual nonchalance, digging into your last pack of crisps. Your head sinks into your palm. He has graced the creases of your couch for seven months now(two of them sleeping there) working on as you call it, a ridiculous research on Anxiety In Ants *funny tho’*. It’s been a year since he was laid off and your finances can no longer support his insatiable appetite, moreover; you need your ‘space’.
Okello springs up, “Mama I need…”
“The only thing you need right now is to get out of here,” you intercept.
After a protracted period of not being in good terms, you guys decided to figure yourselves out apart. So you asked him to leave and today his moving out was due.
“I really think tha…”
“Please, just go! We’re done,” you cut in again.
You are jaded, your supervisor-a stocky woman with a distasteful fashion sense has consistently been on your case ever since you started seeing Jaymo, the 21 year old lanky college attaché, got the whole office talking.
” I-need-to-tell-you-that-they’re-awarding -me-Ksh 1.6 Million-damages-lawsuit-former employer-just found out” he belts out.
Your phone buzzes.
‘ Last night was great soooooo am I getting that PS5? – Jaymo’

Image courtesy of Twitter, Insecure HBO official page

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