Technical Misdemeanor

Soft jazzy music plays in the background, her red stick ons intermittently tapping on her glass as we go back and forth during the date-the date that took six months to actualize because eh, priorities on her side.
My phone rings ‘Nyamu calling’ and I immediately put it on silent. Nyamu and I haven’t been at a good place lately.
She listens to what i have to say switching between her drink and looking at me all this while maintaining a subtle smile.She seems docile but not overtly submissive, just the perfect in between. I am engrossed in the great conversation we are having, as I hear her argue why every college girl has Drake on their playlist (Drake really does get them) that I don’t notice the waiter serving us two more cocktails.
“Sorry sir but we didn’t order for this,” she says.
“The woman in an all black outfit at that table said it’s her treat,” the waiter replies pointing to a table.
My eyes fixate on Nyamu holding up her glass looking at me flanked by her two girl friends.

Image courtesy of Twitter

17 thoughts on “Technical Misdemeanor

  1. Ohhhhh! Caught!!!! Hahaha! Your writing transports me as if I’m watching it on the big screen! Very clever and I wouldn’t rule out a career in script writing if you’ve not thought about that before! 😀🙏💛👊🎉

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